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New color palette for OpenOffice

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New color palette

Este artículo también está disponible en español.

It’s been more than a year since I released my own color palette for OpenOffice so I thought it was time to release a new one. This time it is organized in a different way so that more colors are included (with fewer shades, though).

In this new palette the first two rows are the same as the ones in the old palette but they appear in a different order: I’ve put the brighter colors first. By doing so, I’ve tried to emphasize the division between these two rows and the next ones.

Rows 2 to 10 show sixteen colors (organized in two vertical areas) in five shades each. In the old palette ten colors in nine shades are shown so this new palette contains more colors but fewer shades of each color. Nevertheless, the horizontal layout allows you to include more color easily.

To install the palette, just follow the instructions given in the old post. Notice that, if you’re using OpenOffice QuickStarter, it must be restarted after copying the new palette for the changes to apply. I guess that these palettes can be installed in LibreOffice as well but I haven’t tested.

As usual, this file can be distributed and modified freely as long as you give credit to the author.

Why don’t you download it and give it a try?

I hope you like it!


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8.noviembre.2010 (Lunes) at 19:50

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Change default color palette in OpenOffice

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Este artículo también está disponible en español.

One of the things I don’t really like of OpenOffice is its default color palette. The colors included are too basic so they are not too useful (at least for the things I do). Evenmore, the colors don’t seem to be ordered at all so it’s not easy to find an specific color sometimes. That’s why I decided to change the default color palette and started using another more useful one.

Searching the internet I found indeed some color palettes, some more useful and appealling than others. Among them, the one I liked the most was the palette created by Sammy Dellicour which is —according to him— based on the Google sites color. After using it for some time, I was missing more paler, subtler colors to be used, for instance, as background color in Calc.

I finally decided to create my own color palette based on Sammy’s —thank you so much— and, as he did, I’m releasing it here for the internet community. It is basically the same palette, I’ve just included two paler color tones in each column. As in Sammy’s, the colors in the drop-down palette appear sorted in columns for an easier localization.

There is also included a version of the same palette with the color names in Spanish for those interested.

Installing the new palette

To install the new palette the best option is to replace the default one used by OpenOffice. First, download and unzip the archive with the palettes. This archive contains both the Spanish (iuveaene_es.soc) and the English version (iuveaene_en.soc) of the same palette. Choose a version and rename the file as standard.soc, then copy this file into the user configuration folder of OpenOffice overwriting the old one (saving a copy of the old file before doing so is highly recommended if you want to restore the old palette).

Where the user configuration folder is located depends on your operating system:

  • Linux: ~/.openoffice.org/3/user/config/
  • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\«user»\Application Data\OpenOffice.org\3\user\config\
  • Vista: \Users\«user»\AppData\Roaming\OpenOffice.org\3\user\config\

Where «user» is your Windows user name. The name of some of the folder may also vary depending on the language of your OS.

And this is it. The next time you launch OpenOffice, the new palette will be loaded and ready to use.

This file can be distributed and modified freely as long as you give credit to its authors.

Update: Now the file with the palettes is stored in a public dropbox folder. I hope this finally will solve the problems I have experienced using other servers.

Update 19/oct/2010: Like Sammy himself said, his palette is no longer available in the net so I’ve removed the link.

Update 9/nov/2010: I’ve released a new palette. Check it out!

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7.octubre.2009 (Miércoles) at 22:09

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