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How to fix Diigolet on Opera v11

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Like I said in an old post (in Spanish), I’m testing different services to be ready for an eventual close-down of Delicious (even though now they said they’re not shutting it down). One of the services I’ve tested so far is Diigo and it doesn’t look bad.

One of the problems I’ve found is that the Diigo bookmarklet (aka Diigolet) doesn’t work on the last version of Opera, my favorite browser.

The problem is the double-quote character used inside the bookmarklet code. To workaround this problem you just have to replace all double-quotes into single-quotes.

The original bookmarklet code is:


After replacing all double quotes, it should look like this:


To make things easier (you lazy guys) I should have put a link with the code fixed but, WordPress.com seems to change the javascript code so I can’t, sorry.


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20.diciembre.2010 (Lunes) at 12:18

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